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Consumer Products & Services

If you have not been living under a rock for the last several years, you know that every business you go into is trying to get your personal information.  They ask for your email, phone #, name, and more information about you, so they can target you with advertising down the road.  But, did you know, many of these businesses also purchase consumer lists and match up additional information when you "opt in".  We provide these appending lists to business as well as actionable users across several verticals.

Business Products & Services

Many businesses core features are build around supply and doing business with other businesses.  We provide accurate and up to date business lists, so B2B companies are able to find their customers, and reach out directly to decision makes.  Stop wasting time and money cold calling and working your way through gate keepers.  Go direct to the source with actionable data.

Political Advertising

Although our company is based in Canada, our main focus and largest client base is in the USA.  We have political data for PAC's, SPAC's, as well as local voter data for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, which can also be appended with other consumer variables.  Let us take your political campaigns to the next level.

Data Appending, Matching, & Enhancing

This is a new service we offer our clients.  Since most businesses are only collecting limited data points on their clients for outreach, often times they want to have a bigger picture of the type of client they are.  We can append and enrich data up to 300 data points with just a single piece of identifying information, like an email or phone #.  This service allows our clients and advertisers to target ads with much greater accuracy.

Full Service Advertising & Outreach

If you have no desire to run or do anything regarding your outreach to customers, we are happy to step in and do this all for you.  It starts with a call to identify your needs, then we agree on solutions to help monetize your customer base.  While this service is expensive to utilize, its completely hands off and simply puts more money in your bank account.

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